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Carpenter Frog
Rana virgatipes
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Carpenter Frog - Rana virgatipes
Appearance: A medium-sized ranid frog, generally slightly smaller than the Bronze Frog.  The primary dorsal color is brown dorsally, and the most distinguishing characteristic is presence of two longitudinal, yellow, fawn, or golden stripes on each side of the body.  The upper stripe begins at the eye and reaches the hind leg; the lower stripe begins on the upper lip and continues through the corner of the mouth to about halfway down the side. The venter is cream or pale yellow (in males), with dark spots or vermiculations laterally, merging with the dorsal coloration.

Habits and Habitat: This frog's alternate name "sphagnum frog" refers to its preferred habitats, which include bogs with abundant moss and vegetation.  This is a secretive frog that is generally found hiding among aquatic vegetation in small or large bodies of water.  When disturbed, it immediately flees to the water to swim some distance before surfacing again.

Vocalization: The Carpenter Frog's call is similar to the sound of echoing hammer blows. This description may be most appropriate when this frog is in a full chorus, which sounds like an army of carpenters hammering.  Typical call: Rana virgatipes - typical call

Reproduction/Egg Description: Breeds in spring and summer, April to August.  Eggs are laid in groups of 200 to 600 in a globular mass. The eggs are relatively large and widely spaced within the mass.

Distribution and Abundance: The Carpenter Frog is restricted in range to the eastern Coastal Plain from extreme northern Florida to southern New Jersey.  Locally rare in some parts of its range.

SE ARMI Index Sites: Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.



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